About me

I am a rare breed of teenage girl with a huge and growing interest in the UK’s parliamentary system and the world around me. I’m not strictly left-wing, right-wing, libertarian or authoritarian. I’m not politically correct, nor do I try to be, and I’m also a horrendous speller. I can’t pretend that this will be the most factual and accurate political blog on the web, but I’ll do my best to make sure it isn’t boring!

I have no predispositions or prejudices and love nothing more than talking to people with views contrary to mine. However I have an intolerance for ignorance, and recommend you scroll away now if:

  • you think Russell Brand is a plausible candidate for Prime Minister
  • your hero is Nick Griffin and coin the phrase ‘bloody immigrants are stealing our jobs’ on a semi-regular basis
  • you thought Philip Hammond presented Top Gear and that the IRA was an acronym for a car insurance company.

Just kidding. Ish.

I’m sarcastic more often than not and may not always excel at impartiality. I’m Eurosceptic most days (though not a racist contrary to the common misconception), socially liberal others, and I am a great believer in democracy. Theresa May is my girl crush, David Dimbleby is my idol, and given the chance, I’d definitely marry Ed Miliband. Please follow my blog and spread the word if you can, I’m a little fish in a very big sea.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. You think Frank Field is a socialist, you cannot be serious? He is an arrogant, silly little man who is on the far right of the Labour party, New Labour at that, who continued to work with the coalition on helping to cut welfare. He is the least socialist member of parliament Labour has, and that is saying something. Also for the record whatever you think of Tony Benn´s views he was widely regarded, across party lines, as a brilliant constituency MP and a great parliamentarian. I suggest you watch the film ´Tony Benn: Last Will and Testament´and revaluate your position on his legacy, you don´t have to agree with the man to show him some respect. Something Frank Field does not deserve.


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